Where is the “Fourth Place”?


Unlike our work, home, or favorite bar (that we wordlessly head towards when the day ends with sighs and “I could use a beer”), this Fourth Place has no fixed location. It’s sharing your toast with sheep in the Highlands of Scotland, it’s dipping toes into the same waters where the local Orca pods call home. It’s eating pasta in Venice, and rolling linguine in the kitchen at home to chase that memory. It’s riding shotgun on the road through the Olympic Mountains, and sipping local brews at a East End London pub older than our country. From the views from the airplane window or the mountain range from our windows, the tuning of his car or the tuning of her ukulele, on bike or kayak…. Welcome to the Fourth Place. Take a look around, but please don’t rush. You’re welcome as long as you like.






Writing, social media, overthinking. Loves to try new local cuisines as long as she knows just what sort of creature those tentacles belong to. Has written multiple times to her local Kroger about carrying squid ink, but strangely hasn’t gotten a response yet. Philadelphia-born, Brittani followed the recent wave of millenials crowding into Seattle and is impatiently waiting for that moment when she’s enough of a Seattlite that she can start to complain about all those newcomers in her city.







Photography, site design and management, optimism. He wasn’t a fan of the cask conditioned ales popular in the UK, but greatly enjoys a good IPA, arguably a little too much. Kris moved to Seattle over ten years, but comes from Vermont and vehemently denies Canada’s claim to producing the best maple syrup. Kris has also recently acquired a Nintendo Switch, so if anyone could pop over and play with him that’d be great.